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day 3 here is the

bridal henna pattern

here is the two tone and the henna at full color.
Kuhzebar This tambourine design's

lotus tattoo design henna

This tambourine design's center design was replicated from Nadishana, from Kuhzebar designs. The outer boarder is my own original work, inspired by ancient Kuhzebar designs.
Elaborate henna on arm and palm of hand stain Volcano Henna
Designed by

henna pattern palm

Volcano Henna Designed by Melissa Banford volcanohenna.blogspot.com Lexington, KY February 2011 Will travel worldwide
23.3.2011 Stain 12h Stain after about

free arabic henna pattern

Stain after about 12h
HennaPenna (day 1) naturalchroma.com/product_info.php?products_id=28

india henna pattern

Melissa Banford -Henna Artist- Volcano Blue Henna Volcano Blue Henna

traditional henna pattern

Volcano Blue Henna September 2009 Asha Savla Design
Henna Friends in Singapore From left to

henna tattoo designs lotus

From left to right: Lezard Jewel and Haty - I was lucky enough to be able to meet up with THE Lezard (most talented), the beautiful and charming Jewel (Always smiling) and the Lovely Haty (who never stops laughing - never a dull moment). Henna applied by Ranjana (Melodic Lotus).
Henna for Magazine Cover This application was

feet with lotus flower henna tattoo

This application was done for a Wedding Magazine Cover. Design and Henna application by Ranjana Patel (Melodic Lotus).
Gulf Style Henna Henna Applied by

henna lotus flower designs

Henna Applied by Ranjana Patel (Melodic Lotus). Design by Ranjana Patel. This Photo was taken on day of application with past still left on.
Volcano Blue Henna Volcano Blue Henna

peacock henna pattern

Volcano Blue Henna Lexington, KY Will Travel Worldwide for you Event volcanobluehenna@gmail.com
Om and lotus The lady who

om lotus henna

The lady who got this will be having it done permanently. :)
New tattoo 10-18-08 I love my

henna lotus tattoos

I love my new tattoo
Belly henna Belly henna -

lotus design henna

Belly henna - Bridget (go figure) henna by Bridget Punsalang www.auroramehndi.com
Paintedhenna persian, egyptianish kree

lotus tattoo henna

persian, egyptianish kree - darcy inspired henna with gold gilding and body paint :)
Purple Glitter on Henna 3 Year Old Olivia's Foot Volcano Blue Henna

foot tattoo design pattern henna gallery

Volcano Blue Henna 2010 Lexington, KY Will Travel Worldwide for you Event volcanobluehenna@gmail.com
Lotus Flower Henna My friend Amy

henna tattoo lotus

My friend Amy came to visit from Maine and gave me the most beautiful henna!