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Street Culture MASH ©JeFRESHphotography 
Tamron 28-75mm

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©JeFRESHphotography Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 WEBSITE • Please "Like" my FACEBOOK Page • TWITTER Detroit is one of my most iconic cities in American and a while back I got the chance to do a shoot with one of the city's most iconic people. Mike Han, the founder of Street Culture Mash. SCM is a lifestyle brand that creates, innovates, and makes a stand when it comes to the culture of Detroit. Their works branch out in all different directions stemming from the very lucid forms of art in order to make and expand Detroit's mural of masterpieces. The company is highly inspired by the great artist of the city and his art really inspired me to heighten my art form. All in all.... this dude is crazy good at what he does. His artwork is sweet as hell and he is one talented dude. The bike wheels shown below were all drawn by him and the T-shirts are his designs. We first took some shots in the smack dab middle of detroit. Trying to get that city feel and raw urban vibe from the environment and surrounding people. As we were vibing off the shoot, the folks of Detroit were vibing off of us. Here are the shots that were taken. Introducing Mike Han and his Lovely Models. In these: Mike Han, Dominique, and Alissa (Thanks guys for being hella fun!) These photos and more will be posted on his site: Check out Mike's site for more info about his work, what he's doing to help Detroit and to snag one of these sick shirts. streetculturemash.wordpress.com/ Strobist: 1/2 into shoot through CR
328/365 - Stretch After a number

stomach and hip tats

After a number of shots I went with this one, because it's a bit posy/strutty going. And I'm trying to show off my all healed up tattoo. I think I also look a bit podgy here.

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A fun place to get your hair cut (or dyed or buzzed)
Serpentine A Tahitian dance

tattoo on stomach for girls

A Tahitian dance group that was performing in Queen Kapiolani Park in Honolulu.
Give Peace a Chance Emm's brand new

stomach and hip tattoo

Emm's brand new tattoo..friggin' hippie
Marie Losier: "OUTTAKES" @ LUXE Gallery www.luxegallery.net

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