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Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo

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Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo

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Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo

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Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo
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Bob Osborn, myself and my Knuckle Bob was known

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Bob was known as "OZ" for many years. He published BMX Action, Freestylin', and Homeboy magazines among others. He is the father of RL Osborn, and the great Windy Osborn as well. To have him photograph my bike and I was a really big honor. He drove all the way out from Montana to spend two days of intense work to make it happen. Watch DicE magazine for the upcoming spread we did. This was inside the pro studio we used for part of the shoot. It was raining SHEETS outside, and the ride was SOOO sketchy on I-80 with jockey shift and cowboy boots...hahahahaaa!!!
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 500c/m | 80mm

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500c/m | 80mm f2.8 CZ Planar T* | VC400
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Dragon on my back, done by Horiyoshi the 3rd
Dragon By Buzz Wood - My Father My Dad drew

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My Dad drew this with oil pastel sticks and a ball-point pen. Just look at the work and see your own interpretation of the work that will always be unique and set apart from anything else that will and ever has existed.
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Another night in the shop.