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The tattoo I got on my left upper arm. Under the blue part was a scar. Primarily I just wanted to mask the scar, but then I decided to create a unique tattoo which is dedicated to my beloved son Daniel. There are 4 elements: fire, earth, water and air. There are also 4 elements in this tattoo - corresponding to the 4 nature-elements. The first element is the sun which means fire. The second element is the blue part within the tribal - which means water. The third one is the tribal itself. Its loops are representing the wind - which means air. The fourth and last element is the earth. This is where we all live and where we all go when we die. So the name Daniel and his birthdate are representing Daniel himself, meaning the element earth. There's a second meaning in this tattoo: You can see an eye within the sun. Horus is one of the most ancient deities of the Ancient Egyptian reli

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Mike said 8 years ago:
Man... All the tattoo with your description is AWESOME! I want to make a tattoo with the 4 elements too, and i got some really goods on the net, but, someone could have them too, and i dont want that to happend... So, your idea of combine all that stuff with elements within its completly awesome :) and the eye is great... Mike from Portugal...

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