How many hours does a half sleeve outline take - Tattoowise

orange_koi_9 04/28/2006 - Third

how many hours for a sleeve

04/28/2006 - Third 7 hour Session - Memorial Sleeve Tattoo (19 hours) Orange Koi
Whale Sleeve (first session) Angle more from

arm sleeve tattoo outline

Angle more from the front. The whale will be a mixture of ocher yellow and white highlights. The water is going be a dark and murky blue-green. The two halves of my sleeve should reflect each other pretty well.
Leslie Round one with

front view of half tattoo sleeve

Round one with the colors on this lady fun with the ladybug especially!
Half Sleeve koi tattoo Half Sleeve koi

koi sleeve tattoo half

Half Sleeve koi tattoo
Black Dragon Rising Ta-daaaaaa! All done.

tattoo half sleeve designs

Ta-daaaaaa! All done. I asked Billy about the eyes, if he was going to finish them as they were completely blank. He told me that traditionally, the eyes of Japanese dragons are left til last, he thinks there's some superstition that if you don't do them last the dragon will turn on its owner. Thankfully, we won't be anticipating any mad dragon incidents as the last two dots of this session were his eyes. So, whaddya think???
Tattoo session 2, completed outline front Tattoo artist: David

the outline for a sleeve take

Tattoo artist: David Sena, North Star Tattoo, NYC (19-Feb-09).
Nessa Koi Carp Finished 1 All work completed

half sleeve tatoo designs

All work completed by Marnie from TLC, Geneva, Switzerland
Keith Marcelle-cat undeneath cherry blossom

japanese half sleeve tattoo pics

undeneath cherry blossom colorbomb piece.. beckoning cat
√Člen Pedroso Photo: Flavia Teixeira

female half sleeve tattoo

Photo: Flavia Teixeira
Kendra Mcdermott - Geisha Half-sleeve Golly this one's

half sleeve tattoo blossom

Golly this one's taking a while...
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