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Terry Ribera San Diego Tattoo This is a

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This is a portrait of David's brother done by Terry Ribera at Avalon Tattoo II in San Diego Custom tattoos by Terry Ribera
Terry Ribera Tattoo San Diego This is a

custom lower back tattoos

This is a painting by Terry Ribera prints can be bought at Custom tattoos by Terry Ribera
shoulder4 The tattoo continues......nothing

ink hummingbird

The tattoo continues......nothing finer then having a fantastic artist!!
Tattoo_Tribal_Lower_Back_2 Tattoo by April

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Tattoo by April Love of Malu Tattoo
 Another new tattoo.

hummingbird tattoo on the shoulder

Another new tattoo. Done for my Great-Grandmother.
cuerpo-pecho you can see

hummingbird ink tattoo

you can see where i was pierced. View On Black
Rhonda's Arms iPhone pic...oopps I

hibiscus and hummingbird tattoos

iPhone pic...oopps I forgot my camera
On the wings of desire. 22" beauty dish

color hummingbird tattoo

22" beauty dish with grid on Alien Bees Einstein 640 camera left Rf-602 wireless remote triggers
Close-up of the hummingbird Month-old feet tattoos

butterfly hummingbird tattoo designs

Month-old feet tattoos done by the awesome Gordon Combs at Seventh Son Tattoo in San Francisco. My apologies for my gnarly feet. Genetics.
hummingbird rose clover tattoo right leg tattoo,

clover hummingbird tattoos

right leg tattoo, hummingbird with wings up approaching the blaze rose, wild clover below