Hunk modified - Tattoowise

Kick Boy That kid you'd

hunk handsome tattoo

That kid you'd enjoy beating to a pulp!
Mina red (leaves) I have a

modified tattoo

I have a creeping plant on my garage that turns this amazing scarlet colour at this time of year... i had to take some pictures of Mina with the leaves as red is her favourite colour <3
wood sprite model: kaylee marchesani

tattoo designs last modified

model: kaylee marchesani makeup: elya foust concept/photography: me percings (dahlias): edith of infinite arts, bradford pa
Ruben Red Feed youre Mind One more of

hunk image

One more of the pics of Ruben on Red. Una mas de la serie de Ruben on Red Modelo: Ruben Gallego Estilismo: Elena Gonzalez
Jaco Yes. He knows.

hunk with tattoos

Yes. He knows.