Infinity bracelet tattoo - Tattoowise

 putting her shoes

tattoo hand bracelet

putting her shoes on before a shoot. it was a random capture; not through the eye peice or anything.
Ashley_1083 slight dreamy effect.

flowers bracelet tattoo

slight dreamy effect. not sure if it's as effective on the black background
Genius Awesome Henna tattoo

bracelet henna designs

Awesome Henna tattoo I got while I was in Gatlinburg. It means Genius. ;)
i'm still in the hospital today . . . . . . .

leg bracelet

. . . see my I.V.? . . . mom and dad came to see me today and i am so happy. . . i didn't sleep last night, just paced back and forth because i didn't know where they were. . . .we played outside and i got enough kisses to last 'til tomorrow when they come and i was so content that i went sound asleep in mom's hands. . . .i have pancreatitis. . . the dr. said i am better today and can go home soon. . . the people here are so nice to me!!!!. . . . love, Lucy.
I've been dying to reach you. so... I got

infinity on wrist

so... I got a tattoo! the infinity symbol. it's something I've been wanting for a long, long time and on a whim my friends and I went out and got tattoos, so I finally got it! I love it. :)
Forever Love a tattoo my

heart above infinity tattoo

a tattoo my friend had for her 2 year anniversary.
...deviant girls tattoo for helpjapan... ...faded and fresh

ribbon bracelet tattoo

...faded and fresh versions -- :D
unless someone like you

cat bracelet tattoo

someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.