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BODY PAINTING おにいさんレコメンでカラーは紫とブルーのラメ

tatuagem clover up

Gregory Nathan Clover Tattoo Inked! Denise A. Wells The names Gregory

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The names Gregory and Nathan made into a clover shaped tattoo by Denise A. Wells. I have been designing lettering for over 20 years now. If you are interested in having me make you a custom tattoo design, you can contact me at or to get a Price Quote. ♥♪ ♥¸.•*´¨´¨*•.¸ ♥♪ ♥♥♪ ♥¸.•*´¨´¨*•.¸♥♪ ♥♥ You can 'like' my Facebook page of tattoo designs here:
Jessica's Clover. My sister designed

irish celtic clover tattoo

My sister designed this Irish Celtic knot emblem herself. Representing her connection to her irish heritage.
picture i drew its lucky theres

clover tattoo blue

its lucky theres a clover it says irish and theres a big seven in it
197230_1008459909401_1762073587_13248_3899624_n Irish Tribal tattoo

black and grey clover tattoo

Irish Tribal tattoo by "tattoos by dreadz"
100_9536 Tattoo 3 weeks

swallow with clover tattoo

Tattoo 3 weeks and 2 days after touch up. It's a little bumpy on the tail and right wing but other than that it's perfect.
Outline Joe finished tattooing

lucky clover tattoo

Joe finished tattooing Lucky's outline.... hurt pretty bad around the belly button lemme tell ya!
Infinito. Tatuarme es uno

infinity tattoo art

Tatuarme es uno de mis sentimientos favoritos.
hummingbird rose clover tattoo right leg tattoo,

clover hummingbird tattoos

right leg tattoo, hummingbird with wings up approaching the blaze rose, wild clover below
Outline Drawing Just starting the

celtic irish clover tatoos

Just starting the placement of Lucky.
Lifeguards This is a

tattoo for infinity

This is a lucky shot I caught from a lounge chair about 50 feet away. I love the depth of field, the sun hitting their shoulders, the curve of the chair echoing the swim suit & the tattoo, and the positions of their ponytails with their heads angled away from each other... No editing, No cropping, just a lucky moment...