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Joker Tattoo First Session
Done at

joker face tattoo ideas

First Session Done at Red Dog Tattoo Benalmadena Costa & Torremolinos, Spain
me in black and green KILT THIS kilt and black Jacobite shirt 002 me in black

hippie face tattoos

me in black and green KILT THIS kilt and black Jacobite shirt
Rémy Cette photo est

tatouage joker

Cette photo est protégée par le droit d'auteur, ne pas l'utiliser sans mon autorisation, merci.
Back of head tattoo The back of

face neck tattoos

The back of my head scalp tattoo, which consists of a highly stylized alien scull. The scull tattoo's eyes have a three dimensional (3d) effect, which makes it appear that the eyes are inside my scull exposed by skin that's been ripped away. The next tattoo I'm planning on will cover the top of my scalp, completing the tattoo work I have planned for my head.
Martha Heredia Ganadora del "Latin

tattoo butterfly face

Ganadora del "Latin American Idol 2009" 4ta temporada.
HTC EVO #1 Taken with my

awesome face black white

Taken with my evo :) check out my htc evo set on the side.
Edgar Avian Rua Augusta
Vegas -

poser face tattoos

Rua Augusta Vegas - A Dor Amores - Plas 1 de Abril de 2009
Christian tattooed woman - Ethiopia Many women in

face tattoo ethiopia

Many women in Ethiopia have this kind of tatoos on the face, and sometimes on the chest. I asked them why, and most of them told me it was a kind of decoration, but some also told me that it is a protection against devils. As many wear some western clothes, the contrast is big. © Eric Lafforgue