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Rapozo tatto by Jun

matsui jun tattoo

tatto by Jun Matsui
*JunMatsui* -Revista +Soma #

jun matsui

-Revista +Soma # 17- FabioBitãoPhotography www.365graus.blogspot.com
aline_romi_canal_om_chile new friends at

jun matsui gallery

new friends at the canal om!
new black cat tatoo after 4 years

jun matsui maori

after 4 years waiting i did my new tatoo! in 4 days of delicious and unforgettable pain!!! yes! 4 days! day by day with the night to rest! i waited so much cos i wanted to do just with this guy! thank you Matsui san!!! check his site: www.lifeunderzen.com
aline_canal_om_chile so special light!

jun matsui tattos

so special light! i did a cover here for Prana Yoga Journal magazine! thanks for Aline and Eduardo to help me, and of course, Romi, the cover!
Rua Caminho do Engenho - Vila Sônia - São Paulo Foto: Luiz Vicente

jun matsui tatuagem

Foto: Luiz Vicente www.flickr.com/pimpas
pucker up! I know you

tattoo jun

I know you want to!
navaeh, new and improved well, after losing

jun tattoo tribal

well, after losing her head, she got a new dress, some glasses, and while her head was free, I added more to her face-up. I haven't sealed it yet, still desciding if I like it. What do you think?? honest opinions wanted, I truly am not sure of what look is better, tribal face tattoo's or not. p.s. like the pocket on her dress!!
Jun Cha. www.arudima.com

jun cha tattoo

Carmine Petite photo du

jun tattoos

Petite photo du matin avant d'aller bosser... ^^
Miwako Bidouillage avec les

tattoo by jun

Bidouillage avec les filtres, ajout de grain... j'aime assez ^^ Miwako, Pullip Nero custo by me.
• Floppy, cute revival of Stica • Floppy used to

tattoos jun

Floppy used to be mAlice, my Pullip Stica custo. As I couldn't bear her former wig anymore, I decided to replace it by a rust one. I think she's totally cute now ^^ She has new eyelashes too :) Hope you like her like that ^_^
Trabalho acadêmico - Belas Artes 2008 Trabalho acadêmico por

matsui tattoos

Trabalho acadêmico por Marina Cervi e Janaina Seolin
Tattoo por Jun Matsui Tattoo por Jun

matsui tribal tattoo

Tattoo por Jun Matsui