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kalinga_woman_002 In the Kalinga


In the Kalinga region (North Luzon), the use of tattoos for body decoration, in case of women, and as a symbol of being a warrior, in case of men, was a very popular practice among tribes people but it's becoming a lost art. This practice of drawing on the skin is performed using soot mixed with water and kisi needles. The different patterns range from rinafarafat (fern-like), sinongchar (straight line), inob-ofog (mat-like), kinakadjaman (centipede-like), and minanmanuk (chicken-like). Chananau, Kalinga Province. Philippines Photo by Nuno Reis Goncalves

Photo by: Nuno Reis Goncalves

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The underground world uses tattoos to show membership of gangs. These are called Criminal Tattoos.

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