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A King and Queen tattoo I designed The finished tattoo

tattoos king and queen

The finished tattoo on a client, who commissioned me to design a card inspired king and queen image. A very fun project that I then developed into a set of illustrations.
TODAY'S MESSAGE .... and tomorrow

king queen tattoo

.... and tomorrow ?
Knight & Princess Fashion Royalty: 


queen of a king tattoos

Fashion Royalty: Lukas, Style Strategy Erin, Clash Control Fashion: Barbie repaint & tattoo by loredana (myself) :)
Multiple Helicopters Photo taken on

king of tattoo 2009

Photo taken on Saturday 18 July during the Royal International Air Tattoo 2009.
× Simba 1st tattoo ♥

lion king

1st tattoo ♥
Katie Kawaii Brass Knuckles bathing

scene queen tattoo

Brass Knuckles bathing suit :D
Pin Up Work in progress!

foto tatuaggi queen

Work in progress!
 Living room of

king fish tattoo

Living room of our hotel room.