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Koi Koi fish by

tattoo of a koi fish on the arm with lotus

Koi fish by Chad Cagle at Tuff Luck Tattoo in Carbondale, IL
Koi close up Up-close, update to

koi fish tattoo lotus

Up-close, update to Christine's Koi tattoo.
Chiliwear-Tattoo (LOUNGE PANTS) This is a

lotus flower coi fish

This is a textile repeat I designed for Chiliwear, LLC. and placed into a lounge pant template that I also created. Artwork by Troy M. Grzych. www.Troy-G.com . Artwork Copyright © Chiliwear, LLC.
IMG_3624 second session done...

koi lotus flower tattoos

second session done... man, this hurts a lot more than just getting some outlines done
Koi Koi by Chad

koi fish lotus tattoos

Koi by Chad Cagle at Tuff Luck Tattoo in Carbondale, IL
My first tattoo This is the

koi fish on a flower tattoo

This is the final result after a total of 8 hours work... I'm very pleased with it, I hope you find it also a nice tattoo to look at because else you're waisting your time by looking at it. Made by Marco Hengst, Skin-a-Matic tattoo, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Christine's new koi tattoo Christine got this

free picture gallery koi fish with lotus

Christine got this the day before I left Reading. She says it symbolizes something but I didn't hear what. It is a really nice peice of ink.
Tattoo My new koi

lotus flower koi

My new koi fish tattoo with some water and lotus flowers. Made by Bond Siamese 4 at Fetto Tattoo in Borlänge, Sweden. Please comment=)
Underclass Hero.... Ci sono dei

koi fish and lotus flowers

Ci sono dei giorni che vorrei trasformarmi in un eroe, sapere fare delle cose incredibili con la sola forza del pensiero. Avere più forza di quello che ho. Saper affrontare i problemi con uno spirito diverso. Essere capace di spiccare in volo nonostante il mondo cerchi di tarpare le mie ali. --------------------------------------- Listening: Sum 41 - Underclass Hero www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1bTsaIf2ww 1, 2, 3, 4 Well I won't be caught living in a dead-end job Or praying to a government guns and gods And now it's us against them We're here to represent And spit right in the face of the establishment And now I don't believe (In having faith in nothing) Stand on my own (And got no sympathy) Wasting the youth (While feeling young and useless) Speak for yourself (And don't pray for me) Well because we're doing fine And we don't need to be told That we're doing fine 'Cause we won't giv
KOI TATTOO My koi ..

flower koi fish tattoos

My koi .. 3rd sitting ... 2 hrs .. Blue dragon tattoo's brighton ... By jason , work in progress
koi tattoo session 5 it's hard to

flower and koi fish tattoo

it's hard to tell, but the white ink has been finished, all that was left to do was the eye color