Korean dragon tattoo - Tattoowise

Summertime Cig Big T smoking

denver dragon tattoos

Big T smoking on the back porch.
First Sunday in 2011, under the Whitehurst. Amanda on a

korean tattoo model

Amanda on a wet Sunday.
Red Dragon of fire Shou, and his

dragon doll fotos

Shou, and his tattoo...
Kei New model I

black korean tattoo

New model I just worked with. She is a pure natural.
projeto Buddha e Dragão 2/3 tattoo por Carlos

buddha on dragon tattoos

tattoo por Carlos (Zé) - Spirit 77 . Bola Tattoo
Jade's tebori tattoo Tebori Tattoo design

tebori dragon

Tebori Tattoo design by Luar (Horimaru) at Ancient Ink - www.ancient-ink.com/luar-horimaru.html
Catch Photo #15 1R This is Catch

tattoo flying dragon

This is Catch Photo game #15 I'm playing with my Partner Darek (aka blankspace321) . We each take turns adding something to the photo. We limit this to 20 additions each. This is my 18th addition. To see the photo Darek started the game with: Click Here!
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