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2012-08-10 5DIII S FL Tattoo Expo 042 Wonder Woman ...

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Wonder Woman ... took this for Laura
"Joshua", "Jennifer" & "Chelsea" Ambigrams A custom ambigram

ambigram script

A custom ambigram of the names "Joshua", "Jennifer" & "Chelsea", created for a tattoo design. Each name reads the same when flipped upside down. More information can be found in my profile.
"Ayden" & "My Love" Ambigram A custom ambigram

script ambigram

A custom ambigram of the name "Ayden" & "My Love", created for a tattoo design. One line reads as the other when flipped upside down. More information can be found in my profile.
Robot tattoo Miguel Angel Professional

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Miguel Angel Professional Tattoo Artist www.ouchtattoo.co.uk/ 26 High St. Ealing London United Kingdom 00 44 7501 845 139 (Movil) 00 44 20 8840 7717 (Studio)
44 Key and Bee

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Key and Bee by Chris O'Leary on Neil Westfall
On a Mission from God, 143/365 Done got myself

l a ink side tattoo

Done got myself tattoo'd for the first time in aaages today and I was expecting a 'aw, this is nice getting something new' when instead I had a 'ow! this still hurts! why did I think this was a good idea!'. Obviously the tattoo came out great (my tattooist Heath rawks) and once my skin went numb it was fine :P I've already been asked for pictures of it so this evening when I play with my flash umbrella (it got delivered) i'll see if I can get a good picture of it. Untill then, ciao. To see the tattoo click here
duemodi Ho soltanto una

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Ho soltanto una chance, devo giocarla bene "si baby non fraintendermi, chiaro che state insieme..ma io ti ho visto e capisco baby da come la guardi vedi che questo non è ciò che volevi.. il sesso parte dagli occhi lascia che guardi la bocca lascia che parli, i modi solo due: anima e cuore, sesso e amore se intreccio le mie pupille con le tue..eehy fammi suonare quei tasti, eccitarti poi mi stai facendo innamorare dentro un bar e non so nemmeno come ti chiami ma ha molto sharm amarsi un po, hai presente lucio? basta guardarsi e poi.. e poi ogni volta che ti vedo brucio, lo so che amore tra due estranei è follia ma alzati e andiamo via, saluta lei, sei mia". Io so due modi per toccarti, uno soltanto è fisico, sai cosa posso e voglio farti, l'altro è sfiorarti le corde di quegl'archi arrivare fino all'anima e sfiorare tutti i tasti. -EXPLORE-
 LLegue del sureee

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LLegue del sureee :) hoy toi de cumple (a), jojojooj!
first tattoo i actually got

ambigram tattoo fate luck

i actually got this tattoo on 7-11-10 hopefully i will be adding to it soon
KGTT Diamond Ambigram Tattoo A tattoo of

ambigram tattoo custom

A tattoo of my "Kevin", "Ginger", "Taylor" & "Trent" diamdon ambigram design ! He was originally planning on getting this done on his hand, so it was designed to only be about 1.5 inches square. The tattoo artist talked him out of it because the ink is more likely to fade or run there, so it ended up on his arm. I think it was a good choice ;) More information can be found in my profile.
"Gigi" Ambigram A custom ambigram

tattoo script ambigram

A custom ambigram of the name "Gigi", created for a tattoo design. The name reads the same when flipped upside down. More information can be found in my profile.
Wrist Tattoos More wrist tattoos

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More wrist tattoos at www.wrist-tattoo.com !

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South Africa Ambigram designed to be inked as a tattoo. Informaton about custom Ambigrams and much more can be found on my website.