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It starts Tattoo by Mate,

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Tattoo by Mate, Shadow tattoo studio, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Optimus Prime symbols 2 & 3 (hi-res) Taken straight from

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Taken straight from the Transformers movie posters at the movie theater because I felt like having a hi resolution close up of these symbols. BTW, can anyone please tell me what these mean, that is if they have a meaning.
6/52 One of my

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One of my favourite tattoos, especially for my parents. I've been brought up with strong family values, and I'm thankful for every inch of encouragement they've given me throughout my whole life - never take your family for granted, they're the first thing you have in life.
Zombie Walk 2010. 23 de Octubre

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23 de Octubre 2010 Zombie Walk. Santiago, Chile.
146 - / 365 " Honesty is the enemy of peace." View Large On

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View Large On Black "in the flesh" (part 5) Year : 2003 Placement : right shoulder, down the arm. Complete time : 5 hours Chronology : 2nd tattoo So in my time on this planet,i have been very educated. call me a pessimist if you feel like it,but i consider myself aware and wide-awake. nothing truly good is easy. perhaps you have great and wonderful things in your life, and you dance on rainbows of joy from sun up to sundown, but i have had to earn anything i have attained in my life. And for one reason or another, the older i get, the harder it seems to become. this particular motto,i had inked into my shoulder was one that had been with me for many years. And before you get all judgemental or opinionated, don't think its a Negative statement alone. it can be a very powerful aff
Legend in the garden August, 2008

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August, 2008
Left Arm Tattoo Be patient and

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Be patient and tough, one day this pain will be useful
Scapegoat Tattoo Tattoo done by

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Tattoo done by Brian, owner and artist extraordinaire of Scapegoat Tattoo in Portland. Sorry for the badunka-dunk shot. We, Natalia and I, absolutely love this photo.
 Part of my

latin flower tatoo

Part of my digital series on body art.
don't look back and be blue This is don't

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This is don't look back and be blue from the Curd series. A blue version of Don't look back. Can be appriciated at any angle. My doodles work the mind to see the true image. Prints via post or email for $10 - paypal
Ars Gratia Artis Art for art's

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Art for art's sake in latin.
Julio  Modelo: Julio Cesar

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Modelo: Julio Cesar Ezequiel
Amor Te Ipsum (love thyself) one

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(love thyself) one of my finger tattoos...