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I did a shoot today with Lauren Fernandez. I met Lauren at an event I was shooting for FHM (the same day that I met Louise Gwyther from a few posts previous). We decided at short notice to do a shoot this week and I was pretty short on ideas to start with. I remembered a disused boating pool in the park that I'd been jogging past last week and decided to head there. We were initially kicked out due to my lighting gear making us stick out like a sore thumb. The nice security bloke said "lose the lighting gear and come back in half an hour and I'll pretend I didn't see you", so we came back a bit later and managed to get some shots. The other locations are a secret. Location: empty kids boating pool Assistant: Louis Amore Date: 01/08/2011
Traditional Tattooing Almost finished.... Taken

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Almost finished.... Taken at the London Tattoo Convention
London Tattoo Convention 2011 (25.09.2011; Tobacco Dock) - 54 It's nice to

london tattoo convention 2011

It's nice to know that someone loves Fight Club even more than me. ;)
Terry Ribera San Diego Tattoo This is a

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This is a portrait of David's brother done by Terry Ribera at Avalon Tattoo II in San Diego Custom tattoos by Terry Ribera
Terry Ribera Tattoo San Diego This is a

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This is a painting by Terry Ribera prints can be bought at Custom tattoos by Terry Ribera
Crystal Maze? London Tattoo Convention

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London Tattoo Convention 2011
Xed_4835 Cat and Xed

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Cat and Xed
alive London tattoo convention

london tattoo convention 2009

London tattoo convention 2009
Tattoo_Tribal_Lower_Back_2 Tattoo by April

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Tattoo by April Love of Malu Tattoo