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USS BARRY DDG 52 Navy ship artwork

tattoo school in long island ny

Navy ship artwork did as a gift for a customer who's husband was coming home for xmas... *note-if you're interested in buying a print. go to my profile and go to my shop's link....
Fremont East District Las Vegas, Nevada

tatuagem all night long

Las Vegas, Nevada
Conscience  1 light portrait

fear nothing tatoo

1 light portrait
Let it be. I Beatles lover.

picture of tattoo let go

Beatles lover.
My Tatto :] In Fear And

faith over fear tattoo

In Fear And Faith i like it alot honestly :]
LOVE : HATE <b>Love and hate

love hate tattos

Love and hate to polar opposites, two emotions capable of controlling the human mind, Control the human mind and you control its actions. Will you actions be deceitful, nasty or kind? As light will always win over darkness, love will no doubt defeat hate, But which team are you supporting, together victory will be GREAT! ODC: Dualism Tumblr | Twitter | Youtube
Ragdoll Dakota Justine www.ragdolly.net choppy falls!

tattoos of long words

www.ragdolly.net choppy falls!
_DSC0475 The amazing Moriah

no fear tattoos

The amazing Moriah Nelson.