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Exchange with RESKERONE!! 4 ma bro

tatoo with letter v

4 ma bro resk.
Chinese character inscriptions Chinese character inscriptions

letter character tattoo

Chinese character inscriptions
element tattoo supplies tattoo machines From the best

g tattoo machine

From the best of the best , The Element gold "G" M-Series Tattoo Machine is without a doubt one of the best machines to have. Assembled with the professional parts such as a 10-wrap coils, 47UF capacitor , brass contact screw and upgraded front/back post. The "G" Tattoo Machine is great to do outlines and shading, big or small tattoos. Find Here www.elementtattoosupply.com/
Annie Mulz Annie Mulz website

letter design for tattoos

Annie Mulz website logo.
Fan Mail The Itty-Bitty Tease

tattoo letter model

The Itty-Bitty Tease Cabaret: Jackie O'Lantern, Lola Manchego, Cherry De Licious MUA: Nathalie & Nata Setup: FX400 with giant octobox camera right. White panels camera left. FX400 with grid pointed to background camera left. FX400 & flag behind models camera left as kicker. Triggered with PW & sensors. Setup photo
Radar ballpoint pen another one from

the letter s tattoos

another one from playin with the idea of drawing banners....
 To see the

white letter tattoo

To see the words clearer click "ALL SIZES" above the photo.
nyc+venice beach xpro double-x diptych. 2008. may + october

2008 tattoo letter

may + october 2008. times square, nyc at night + venice beach, ca daylight. double-exposure, cross-processed diptych. 1960s olympus half-frame PEN-FT, zuiko 38mm f1.8. entire roll of konica SRM200 slide film double exposed and then cross-processed. best viewed as a slideshow. lab: A&I color, santa monica, ca. scan: noritsu koki lab scan, A&I color.
Radar by Optik!! Xchange wit Optik!!


picture of a tatoo letter v

Xchange wit Optik!! dope bro!! have urs this weekend 4 sho!! ill try and paint this too...prolly the letter for sure right now....!!
HonorLife Tattoo Design For CD covers,

how much is one cursive letter tattoo

For CD covers, logos, flyers, banners, myspace page designs, websites, music mastering, online promotion and more check out WWW.SICKPROMO.NET , for everything an upcoming artist, producer or DJ needs to up their game with a professional image to appeal to the masses. Professional work for affordable prices. WWW.SICKPROMO.NET - HELPING YOU SPREAD LIKE A VIRUS!
Tattoo with an Heart Tattoo with an

flower letter tattoos

Tattoo with an Heart and flowers and a letter inside
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