Libra and gemini tattoo - Tattoowise

snip snip 7 ...and sometimes you

libra tattoo on the neck

...and sometimes you go get a haircut right after taking a symbolic photo.
This is Ina - The Tattoo Girl She was so

tatoo de libra

She was so cool. Very sweet too and very into her work!
Geometric Expansion, January 2006 Tattoo by Victor

chinese libra tattoos

Tattoo by Victor Carrasco in San Diego, SD Tattoo
Libra_tattoo_bangalore_artist_studio_best_veer_hegde Custom Designed Libra

libra for a tattoo

Custom Designed Libra Zodiac Tattoo by Lead Tattoo Artist - Veer Hegde, Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio, Bangalore`s Finest Tattoo & Piercing Studio
Gemini and Cats tattoo I was born

tattoo picture for gemini

I was born in June and I was born in 1974. A Gemini born in the year of the tiger. Didn't want tigers, so I got my cats, Sebastian and Isis.
A Dog Named Star Gemini's dog, Star.

gemini star tattoos

Gemini's dog, Star. Those tattoos on his arm he did himself. He had another on his shoulder of a flame which looked even more awesome than this, but I didn't get a photo of it. I know I should have, but I was pressed for time.
Fatty boy Cool dude pose

libra tattoo picture

Cool dude pose with fat cigar for a fatty boy
Put your shades on Zeljka just got

tatoo design libra

Zeljka just got engaged to be married! This photo, taken last night at her engagement party, is a modern remix of Libra that we spontaneously shot at that very same place in late 2005. Congrats once again, dear Zeljka and Patrik btw this is yet another of the shutter acrobatics I am amazed to pull off... 1/5 s baby
Sister & Brother Both Libra's!

cute libra tattoo

Both Libra's!
PR Libra 1 Puerto Rican flag

libra scales

Puerto Rican flag with Libra zodiac sign