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snip snip 7 ...and sometimes you

libra tattoo on the neck

...and sometimes you go get a haircut right after taking a symbolic photo.
_MG_4011 This tattoo IS

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This tattoo IS real. (gemini symbol) this photo was taken in the mirror. All images are ©Monique du Bois, and may not be used for any reason!
Sneaking up on me An accident. Was


An accident. Was trying to do something else, forgot I still had it zoomed in... But I like how it came out.
Tattoo #3 I couldn't resist--even

tattoo of gemini symbol

I couldn't resist--even if it was Flash! I swore I would never get flash. But! it was simple and nice not to mention 20% off!
THE AILMENT The Ailment –

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The Ailment – Sippy Downs, QLD Australia – Sunday, 8 March 2009 Strobist Info (this ordering may or may not have changed throughout the shoot): - 1 x Bowens Gemini Esprit 500WS – shot bare camera left - 1 x Bowens Gemini Esprit 500WS – shot bare camera right - 1 x Bowens Gemini Esprit 500WS – shot through beauty dish camera right - 1 x Bowens Gemini Esprit 500WS – shot bare from behind - Canon 5D Mark II w/ BG-E6 - Canon 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM - Elinchrom Skyport Universal Triggers P.S. I’m not taking a rip on oli sykes or bring me the horizon I love his band and their music and they are awesome individuals, it’s just a running joke we had going with the singer josh and the rest of the band for the day… I love abandoned houses like ridiculously love them to an extent no person should their character is awesome there is a sense of mystery and always a story as to how the place got
Recuerda Siempre: Orden Ahorro Puntualidad Always remember to:

libra tattoo images

Always remember to: Order, Save, be in time
Traditional Dead Crow Tattoo Custom Tattoos by

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Custom Tattoos by Matt Heft
the tattoo ta-da! the top

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ta-da! the top of the constellation is to the left in this photo, at the front of her shoulder, and the five stars on the back of her shoulder are the twins' feet
family affair me and my

tattoo of zodiac gemini

me and my 2 bros went and got our first tats together.... Dean far left got his zodiac (gemini) and it says "Carpe Diem" meaning, seize the day. Ryan middle got his zodiac (libra) in the center of a celtic knot (yes we are irish :D) and me far right, i got an ohm, a hindu symbol meaning universal sound