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snip snip 7 ...and sometimes you

libra tattoo on the neck

...and sometimes you go get a haircut right after taking a symbolic photo.
Libra 0459 Sarah's new tattoo.

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Sarah's new tattoo. Her "tramp stamp"
Tattoo by Kirk Sheppard

scales libra tattoo
In the Memory You'll Find Me... Secret 3: I

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Secret 3: I have issues letting go of the past. I know its not a secret really, but its something i dont admit to. I feel like if i let go of the past entirely i'll let go of myself somewhere and lose who i really am. Everything that has happened has made me who i am, every one who has came and went has influenced my future in some way. If i let go of them i might not remember who i am. I fear losing those who were once close to me, so i keep little things close to me. In this pic are three, my ring from murphy, My tattoo for my break up with Josh, and my graduation bracelet with both mine and PJ's initials. Other than the tattoo of course, i continuously remind myself that i need to get rid of these things, put them away with everything else i have, but i just cant do it. In about 10 months to a year i can get rid of the bracelet... but thats down the road.
_MG_4011 This tattoo IS

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This tattoo IS real. (gemini symbol) this photo was taken in the mirror. All images are ©Monique du Bois, and may not be used for any reason!