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Alis Volat Propriis 70/365 "She flies with

love and lust tattoo

"She flies with her own wings" I now have 9 tattoos which I love so much. This and the lust on my finger are my favorites.
::Couple Shot //4:: The baser instinct.

tattoo love lust

The baser instinct. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just a little photoshoot with me and my model counterpart, Wolvern ^^.
"faith hope love" my latest tattoo

hope love ambigram

my latest tattoo
Reflection on Love and Hate An experiment with

ambigram tattoo love

An experiment with Ambigrams - one word that reads in reflection. My free Aperture licence came to an end last night. Disaster - all my edits are trapped!! May require a payment to Mr Jobs.... Things I've learned about Flickr (4): You can find out what Group's people who get Explored are using Here . Inspiration for this shot came from Here .
In-N-Out In-N-Out Hemet, CA

i love cali tattoos

In-N-Out Hemet, CA
Hydrant Even the most

tatoos love family peace

Even the most simple things have the potential 2 look great.
Smuffin """" vergs"""

i love regina tattoo

"""" vergs"""
Mehendi Love bug 5

love bug tattoos
Ella as Audrey Hepburn Ella having a

crown of love tatoo

Ella having a fun photo shoot dressed as her idol..... Audrey Hepburn Too bad her tattoo was still on... :)