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love tattos on the wrist and hand
my wrists Todd asked for

tattoo love on wrist

Todd asked for a high res version of my wrists for their coworking book. I obliged, and had Dana take this great shot.
start love, end hate tattoo for my

tattoo love hate wrist

tattoo for my 19th b-day...html coding for "star love, end hate"
i love my husband. before we got

tattoo love wrist

before we got married, i got "bella amore" tattoo'd on my wrist. as a tribute to my husband. it means "beautiful love" :D the place our reception was.. is called "bella stanza" for "beautiful room". it's my favorite tattoo ever. (i have three others). let me just say how HARD it is to take a picture of a tattoo that slightly wraps your wrist :P. oh, and i used my favorite font ever for the tattoo as well. the "b" in bella was supposed to be lower case. but it came out looking upper case :(.
Got the heart touched up It healed really

love tattoo wrist

It healed really bad the first time and some black fell out. Man did it hurt worse going over it a second time.
My new tattoo, sewing needle and thread with a heart for my mum. my mum passed

love heart on wrist tattoo

my mum passed away 25 yrs ago last month,i got this tattoo which i drew myself as my only memories of her are with her beloved sewing and i have her to thank for my sewing career xx Mum xx
<love> </hate> start love. end

tattoo love me hate me wrist

start love. end hate.
First Tattoo pretty simple.

tattoos love wrist

pretty simple.
9.12.2008, Tattoo in honor of my parents Got it done

inner wrist love tattoo

Got it done on 9.Dec.2008 In honor of my beloved parents that have always been there for me and always will. Without them I wouldn´t be who I am! The dove represents their marriage, (35years allready!) and the heart that the dove carries in form of a ribbon symbolizes the love that they give me every day!
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