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Red riding hood half sleeve Justin Harris tattoo

love moon tattoos

Justin Harris tattoo
Paz Y Amor Shahar and Myself

peace and love tattoo designs

Shahar and Myself are happy to see chief
Triple Goddess My B-day present

triple moon tattoo designs

My B-day present from Gabe was a tattoo. It was a first for me, and I like it a lot. It is the triple goddess, it symbolizes the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. As well as the waning moon, full moon, and waxing moon. The Lady in the middle is an Egyptian Mother Goddess, and the symbol in the middle of her stands for the letter "S" (this "S" looks a lot like a Vajayjay which totally makes this tattoo even more awesome!). Gabe described it as my feminist stamp:)
Inkster Inc. +919819193391 Tattoos by Andrew

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Tattoos by Andrew Arora, For Professional Tattoos and tattoo training in Mumbai area call us, Inkster Inc. +919819193391
In-N-Out In-N-Out Hemet, CA

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In-N-Out Hemet, CA
clay marbles - possibly from the 1800's a couple of

moon tatoo person

a couple of interesting pieces from my collection
tattoos george (254) G.George
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G.George Cell : 9884211116 Tel : 04426471116 Face Booke ID : George Geotattoos, GeoTattoos No:1First floor central street, Kilpauk garden, (Near Hotel Krishna bavan) All credit card acceptd. Any Tattoo cost starting Rs.500
t-shirt run with it Wickedly design Element

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