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Katee of Dame Nov 2008 Katee of Dame

maiden crone tattoo

Katee of Dame Nov 2008 photo by Brian O'Brien
I+E=T Collage Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

mother and child

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

tattoos of maiden
Four Eyes 
At the blog,

mother son tats

At the blog, "Celebrating the Strawberry," here.
Hombre que trabaja pierde tiempo precioso Proverbio cubano sul

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Proverbio cubano sul Malecon, La Habana, Cuba 2009
Tattoo - Iron Maiden's Eddie Tattoo - Iron

iron maiden eddie tattoo

Tattoo - Iron Maiden's Eddie from the cover of their second album 'Killers'.
236// our burelsque (yeh

tattoo mother fairy

our burelsque (yeh im sure that's not how you spell it) punk rock house party.. Alexandra outshone everybody..