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No "You" ask him.................. An engaging, haunting, meancing image from a great bloke - thank you Richard. the beach

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Crime Family @ Sonar 16-May-09

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@ Sonar 16-May-09 Hip Hop Appreciation they say rap is dirty, that the stories told by the artists degrade women, that they glorify violence, that it induces intellectual stupor.....then why is there such a demand for it? is the reason that we slow down to passively observe anguished accident victims on the side of the road an explanation for our rabid consumption of rap?
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The story The girlfriend of my brother is a really skilled tattoo Madame artist, . And this skater dude is in heavy pain, for real. He isnt screaming or anything, his face just takes this scape when he is being tattooed, not the whole time, just the most painfull parts haha. Me and my bro just came back from a bikeshop where he had seen his sponsor bike for the first time (Kona Bass signature 2008) really sick bike and also a sick moment for him. I joined him for taking some pictures of the glorious moment. For rider info check: there will be some photo's on this profile soon! working on it! Anyway, as we were heading back home he just wanted to go to the tattoo shop to check this skater dude out that we happen to know, Patrick Hylkema. And he was I great pain, the chest is a real painful place to get a tattoo as
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Well, you caught me . . .
Hellhound by Mike Stu Pfost All artwork for

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All artwork for the "WE ARE 138: Tribute to The Misfits" is 7x7 and AVAILABLE FOR SALE!! Please call the gallery at 203-467-1622 for more information.