Maori half sleeve - Tattoowise

Half Sleeve koi tattoo Half Sleeve koi

koi sleeve tattoo half

Half Sleeve koi tattoo
Leslie Round one with

front view of half tattoo sleeve

Round one with the colors on this lady fun with the ladybug especially!
Keith Marcelle-cat undeneath cherry blossom

japanese half sleeve tattoo pics

undeneath cherry blossom colorbomb piece.. beckoning cat
Kendra Mcdermott - Geisha Half-sleeve Golly this one's

geisha tattoo half sleeve

Golly this one's taking a while...
maori style half sleeve designed by me designed by me

tribal maori sleeve

designed by me not tattooed by me
almost done! shiny, swollen and

half sleeve ship tattoo

shiny, swollen and new. Thanks Jon!
√Člen Pedroso Photo: Flavia Teixeira

female half sleeve tattoo

Photo: Flavia Teixeira