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Peony tattoo This is something

japanese water symbol tattoo

This is something i've wanted to do for about the last decade or so. I know my parents wlll loathe it, but i had to anyway. I'm a big geek about symbolism in things, and this carries a lot of symbolism for me. The Peony is a flower of May. It stands for happiness, prosperity, love and affection. Our son will be born in May, this was a sort of acknowledgment of that. Common in Chinese symbology for a peony is as a positive influence on a couple. Red is a life giving color, which is why i picked red as the color. The peony in Japan also has a bit of an audacious or adventurous attitude, which i guess is appropriate for a 29-year old guy that's about to be a father getting a big tattoo. I do apologize to my parents for getting this, but i do not regret my decision. It is a piece of art that carries a lot of meaning for me.
Island Girl I found another

tatoo model fire and water

I found another shot of my island girl that I like. Probably can find more, too. She looks great against that waterfall. At Caney Creek Falls in Sipsey Wilderness.
tatouage-polynesien-du-bras par tahiti tattoo dans le var entre toulon et marseille Tatouage polynesien de

tatou maori

Tatouage polynesien de tous le bras avec double tiki par Pierre martinez du salon Tahiti Tattoo à Sanary entre Toulon et Marseille dans le var.
TATOUAGE-POLYNESIEN-DE-TORTUE-SUR-LA-CUISSE par tahiti tattoo dans le var entre toulon et marseille  tattoo polynésien

maori paris

tattoo polynésien de tortue sur la cuisse par Pierre martinez du salon Tahiti Tattoo à Sanary entre Toulon et Marseille dans le var.
Juicy Fruit ... chilly swim ...

water tattoo bands

chilly swim ...
YumaPin10 This is one

maori tattoos carving

This is one of the 50 pins that we will give away at the Yuma Symposium for 2012. Each pin in the series is completely unique and combines design elements from several cultures including polynesian carving, Maori moko and Aboriginal dreamtime paintings. All pins are hand carved from tagua nut and measure approx 1in in diameter.
Tiki Taane Bring Change Anti-Fracking

tattoo maori mining

Bring Change Anti-Fracking Concert 28th April 2012 Christchurch New Zealand
ManWoman - Artist, Poet, Warrior Canadian ManWoman is

hippie peace symbol tattoos

Canadian ManWoman is a unique and controversial artist, bringing with him a message of peace and love tattooed all over. Formerly Patrick Charles Kemball, ManWoman was born after a strange out-of-body experience where he believes he touched the Hand of God. ManWoman began a quest to regain the Gentle Swastika, the ancient peace symbol, misappropriated by the Nazis. His journey has included covering his body in over 200 tattoos, mostly Swastikas from cultures across the globe and also a third eye, inked in the centre of his forehead. ManWoman has exhibited his artwork (including a series of 'sacred vaginas' and 'sacred penises') at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles and is collected by comedian Dan Aykroyd.