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Girl Bob Queiroz Brazilian

tattoo jesus e maria

Bob Queiroz Brazilian Tattoo Artist São Paulo - Brazil -
Abstract 2 This shot is

tattoo tiger baby

This shot is more an exploration of colours and shapes and capturing them in a way that is slightly different for me It is not camera shake but the lens was deliberately defocused a bit to get this effect.
The Eyes Have It

jesus tattoo pictures
Custom Krypt Kiddie: Esmeralda #9 This is my

baby demon tattoo

This is my custom krypt kiddies doll Esmeralda. Esmeralda was previously the mass produced krypt kiddies doll, Blitz. I blushed her face with various tones of pink and purple pastels to make her grey skin tone a bit more exciting in colour. Her eyebrows and eyes have both been repainted with acrylics. Her eyes are now very bold and striking in colour, which I find is a common trate with the handmade krypt kiddies dolls. I've painted them with various shades of green to contrast with her outfit. I've blushed the outside of her eyes with pink pastel and added eyelashes to bring her eyes out even more. Her nostrils have been darkened to add depth and realism, and her horns have been dusted with brown pastel. She has been sealed all over with an expensive spray-on matt varnish that is very popular among doll artists for it's durability and fine finish. After being sealed with the matt varnish I then used brush on gloss varnish on her eyes, nostrils and mouth to add detail. Her outfit was made from scratch by myself. Her outfit consists of a skirt, top, headscarf and optional shall and bag. Her original nappy is included too and because she was original an anatomically correct boy doll it has been sealed in place so as not to cause any surprises (:P). The skirt has been made to have a baggy, flowing shape as has the black velvet top to give the gypsy feel. The head scarf is made of the same velvet as the top and has been permanently affixed to her head, it is tied at the back with various lace for decoration. Her bag is made of lace with a velvet strap and features a Jewel heart and a polka dot bow. The shall is made of black fabric netting and is simple tied in place around her neck. She also has two gold hoop earing's, one in each ear, and has strands of hair on ever side of head than hang from under her head scarf. One strand features 2 skull beads.
Mine Thanks Beck!

jesus mary tattoo

Thanks Beck!

heart and baby name tattoo

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Our little man is nearly here and his room is nearly ready! just needs the carpet and we're ready for him!
Meg & Josh Maternity Photos with

baby pink bow tattoo

Maternity Photos with Meg & Josh on June 14, 2009.
I Convenção de Tatuagem no Guarujá A Prefeita Maria

maria name in a tattoo

A Prefeita Maria Antonieta de Brito prestigia o evento de tatuagens no Guarujá.
P1400285MC - Finished! Zombie Jesus" piece

jesus piece

Zombie Jesus" piece on Venus by Adam Turk of Guru Tattoo, San Diego CA. Winner "Best of Day" on Friday at Montreal Art Tattoo 2008. Please check out more of Turk's brain-busting work here: Note: these pics were taken 2 days later, before scabbing.
tattoo "No it didn't

baby boy

"No it didn't hurt.".
Summertime bliss Not a care

baby fish tattoo

Not a care in the world!