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Flash Papa Joe's Tattoo.

painted as tattoo flash

Papa Joe's Tattoo. All flash hand drawn and painted by Papa Joe Himself. Hand painted signs, this is the real deal. No computers, just a paint bush and a man with a lot of talent. Get yours today!
SpitShading 06 Stage Two: lines

free tatto flash

Stage Two: lines - Size 12x16in - Time: around two hours or three - For him: (Jamie Allen Jones) FACEBOOK: BLOG: TWITTER:!/chuckcarvalho
Evangeline ©MikeOrazzi All Rights

free ocean tattoo flash

©MikeOrazzi All Rights Reserved Evangeline photographed at Black Point in Rhode Island.
Timothy Leap; Untitled Artist: Timothy Leap

free bird tattoo flash art

Artist: Timothy Leap Title: Untitled Medium: Watercolor on Illustration Board Size: 14”x14” Colorfast Tattoo, Fort Lauderdale This artwork is part of Bear and Bird Gallery's "Off the Needle" exhibition in Lauderhill, Florida. Exhibition runs September 5 - October 10, 2009, for more information visit our website
Samantha - Barn Shoot 3 This is my

vintage umbrella flash

This is my good friend, Samantha, me and her went to high school together and I guess I promised her a photoshoot someday. Well, today was that someday. I've been really just wanting to get experience now, and so I figured to get as many gigs as I can. Playing with the individual colours in Curves (The R, G, and B curves) can really create some nice colours without to much fiddling around. Give it a try! Strobist: 1 Nikon SB600 camera right at 1/2 power, triggered via Nikon CLS. View On Black
eagle cobra john entwistle style

cobra tattoo flash

john entwistle style
Jesus Tattoos By Gabe

irezumi tattoo flash

Tattoos By Gabe Garcia Iron Tiger Tattoo Columbia Mo
June 5 1999 2nd Annual Deep Ellum Tattoo Convention Held at the

bomb tattoo flash

Held at the Bomb Factory Deep Ellum/Dallas TX Performace by TSD - Traumatic Stress Discipline Scanned Pics
200 biomechanical star

biomechanical flash
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