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Beneath The Skin (WIP) 113 The last piece

skull and heart tattoo ring

The last piece in the series is a bowl, based on the original drawings. The bowl with a skull in the middle. The drips are shibuichi 25/75 and the bowl inner is shakudo. The outside of the bowl is sterling silver and 50/50 shibuichi. The skull is fine silver.
Home Ain't Never Home Loved this shoot.

piercing ring nose gallery

Loved this shoot. We were going for a Mark Twain, Seasick Steve, Song of the South sort of style with this get up. ---------- EQUIPMENT: 17-70mm f2.8 Macro / Nikon D300 LOCATION: Saffron Walden, Suffolk. MODEL: Miranda Rose ---------- More photos on my tumblr including progress photos. Tumblr | Facebook
Henna Scarf Audrey's henna hand

henna ring designs

Audrey's henna hand and scarf. View On Black
Pretty tired after a day in Antwerp. Antwerpen 2009

guy with tattoo ring

Antwerpen 2009
IMG_0004 <b> Canon EOS

ring finger

Canon EOS 50D Canon EF f1.4/50mm USM Exposure: 1/500 Aperture: f/1.6 Focal Length: 50 mm ISO: 100 Speedlight EX 580 II 1/16 --> with umbrella / zoom 24mm / distance 2,5 m / + CTO 1/2 Nikon SB25 --> to illuminate the background 1/64 behind model / + CTO full RING LAMP 1200W front of model PocketWizard Transceiver Plus II
Xcese - Iluminati View On Black

gallery ring tattoo

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businessman with tattoo fasten necktie businessman with tattoo

chain ring tattoo

businessman with tattoo fasten necktie
Tattooed? My newest drawing...

growth ring tattoo

My newest drawing... I love it.