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Bob Tyrrell and Matt Clemmer 18th Annual Richmond

matt clemmer

18th Annual Richmond Virginia Tatto Convention
matt's tattoo in progress he has been

matt name tattoos

he has been working on this for a couple of months and has just two sessions left to go
Concentration Prior to his

tatoo shadows photoshop

Prior to his "race" at a Will Cycle for Charity event. Orginal photo on Picasa
New Tattoo  Just got

name tattoo of matt

Just got yesterday... by Matt B. The spike was drawn by Travis Conner (Conrail Twitty)
Riri in July 04 Model: <a href=""

shadows name tattoo

Model: Riri Mickey (Model Mayhem) Location: Jakarta Indonesia. Gear: Nikon D700 with Nikon 24-70mm lens; Lighting - standard studio strobes - all modified with mini-softboxes. Retouching Adobe Photoshop CS5.
Still about the light 269/365 year 3

tattoo arm shadows

269/365 year 3 My tattoo has healed, and has turned out better than I imagined.
Space Left Over Sing me this

tattoo shadows

Sing me this song.
Scales Showing off his

matt koi tattoo

Showing off his in progress sleeve.
RF Pinstriper - Matt

tattoos of the name matt

Pinstriper - Matt Stankis
Amazing Tattoo Amazing Tattoo Shop

matt wojciechowski tattoo

Amazing Tattoo Shop on Richmond ~ Houston
Matt Tucker I helped Matt

name matt tattoos

I helped Matt Tucker document his beautiful tattoos by renowned Japanese tattoo artist, Horiyasu. The final product was an incredible large framed print on metallic paper. It was truly rewarding to work on this passion project with Matt and produce something that he truly loved. Matt spent 3 months in Japan to get this work done. More photos from my 12 from 12 can be seen here:
crash course in chest surgery matt gets inked

tattoo of the name matt

matt gets inked by the rockinist tattoo artist in pittsburgh, rich cosgrove usa/north america/usa/pennsylvania/pittsburgh/lawrenceville/inka-dinka-doo wanna get some ink? Rich Cosgrove Inka Dinka Doo Pittsburgh, PA 412.683.4320
Matt Good @ From first to last FFTL in Monterrey<3.

matt good fftl tattoos

FFTL in Monterrey<3.