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Baby Angel Memorial Baby Angel Memorial

Baby Angel Memorial

Baby Angel Memorial tattoo done for my friend who had suffered a miscarriage in her first and anxiously awaited conception. Tattoo by Blue. Permanently Scarred 3232 W. Sylvania Ave Toledo, OH 41613 Tattoo done while previously working at On The Edge Tattoo

Photo by: EvilLittleBlue

loretta mckee said 9 years ago:
i love this tattoo i want to get it my lil boy passed away in dec2 2006 at 16 months old ... i miss him so much
Joy said 9 years ago:
What a beautiful tribute to a little precious person. Only some-one who has suffered this loss will understand.....
jenna said 9 years ago:
i love this tattoo the idea of angel babies is great i have lost 2 children both were still borns one at 18 weeks pregnant and the other was to my daughter at 31 weeks pregnant my heart goes out to all those wo have lost a child keep stong and rememeber this mommy dry your eyes i didnt meant to die i have a job and i like it too im the angel watching over you your child will always be with u in ur heart xx
Gemma May said 9 years ago:
i love this so much and would mean a lot to me to have this sort of tattoo as a reminder of the baby i lost just a few days ago, i was only 12 weeks but i know my babies always gonna be with me no matter what xx
Dianne said 9 years ago:
I miscarriage May 24,09 I was 13 weeks and my heat goes out to everyone who have lost a child.
Beckie said 9 years ago:
I love this tattoo and i'm thinking of getting it done myself for my gorgeous little boy i lost only 4 days ago at 23 weeks. i now feel the worst hurt ever and my heart does out to all those suffering too x
misty said 9 years ago:
I lost my daughter July 21,07, she was still born at 39 weeks, the hardest thing anyone can go through. Love this tattoo!! BEAUTIFUL!
Holly said 8 years ago:
This is a very beautiful tattoo. I had my son Nov. 3, 2009 at only 25 weeks along. Two days later on Nov. 5, 2009 he passed away. I'm trying to find the perfect tattoo in memory of him, but it's very hard. To all of you who have lost children, I'm very sorry and I feel your pain. If anyone can help me in finding the perfect tattoo for my son please let me know.

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