Memorial tattoo for grandparents - Tattoowise

For Nana & Nanu I got this

tattoos to get for grandparents

I got this tattoo a few years back in memory of my maternal grandparents.
noah R.I.P Noah <3

memorial rip tattoo

R.I.P Noah <3 Tattoo Betty's Factoryville, PA

memorial tattoo photoshop gallery

RE-ENTRY @ SAATCHI! {One can but hope!}: Photoshopped Skulls {skulls from tattoo flash sketch} Made as a Birhtday Card, with added silver studs on the edge{not seen here}!
tattoo outtake 1 I liked this

memorial tattoo on shoulder

I liked this shot, but I didn't like how you could see all the small blood vessels that are showing in my back, and my hair just looked nasty.
Tiger Sleeve; Fifth Session This view shows

memorial sleeve tattoo

This view shows what my tattoo/arm looks like when I bend it.
Oli RL3 RS7 F7 21-04-2009 working memorial tattoo -

dog memorial tattoo

memorial tattoo - working
Red Gypsy Tattoo Arkansas The Red Gypsy

tattoo of memorial crosses

The Red Gypsy Tattoo Co. would like to thank Conway, Little Rock, and surrounding areas for their support and positive feedback that we have received! The Red Gypsy is owned by Zac Meyer who has been professionally tattooing for over nine years now. Zac believes that every tattoo should be completely custom and unique for each individual customer. At the Gypsy we take pride for being known for its friendly and laidback crew. We uphold the shop to high standards of cleanliness and proudly display our Health Department paperwork in the lobby! We are also current members of the Conway Chamber of Commerece! The Gypsy crew specailizes in tattoos and body piercings. We have a wide selection of body jewelry, tattoo aftercare ointments, and laidback environment. We have a great staff here to better serve your needs! Artist at the Gypsy include the extremly talented Zac Meyer and national award winning tattooist Pabby. Albert Ramirez and Justin "Hubba" Sain are currently apprent
St Joseph (half-way colored) St. Joseph for

memorial grandfather tattoo

St. Joseph for my grandpa Joe
Day 48: Ladybugs On my grandmother's

grandparents tattoo

On my grandmother's 60th birthday, she went out and got a tattoo. My grandmother...she is a crazy lady, you just have to love her. Anyway, about 2 years ago my grandfather, who lives in Delaware, became very ill and my family rushed to his side. It was a very scary time for all of us but it ended up bringing us all closer. We took off of work, drove to Delaware, took shifts staying at the hospital with my grandfather overnight, took turns staying with my grandmother at the houseā€¦this went on for about a week. It was draining for everyone, especially since the hospital staff was not very kind to my grandfather. My family has always been close but now we were spending a lot of time together and there was a lot of down time...waiting to hear from doctors, hanging around the house, trying to catch a nap, trying to keep busy and keep our minds occupied from the constant worrying and sadness
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