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The finished product Wanted to share

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Wanted to share a pic of it all healed...
Barbara e Thays Book Fotográfico Barbara:

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Book Fotográfico Barbara: @barbaramona Thays: @thaysegea Foto por Lívia Mariah Ediçao por Lívia Mariah DIREITOS AUTORAIS: Lívia Mariah e Quantum Mídia Em caso de uso desta imagem avisar por email e dar os devidos créditos: Foto por Lívia Mariah •Contato (11)7637-0206 55*123*19070

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Sunday's Easter gathering in Dolores Park, hosted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, was so packed with folks merrily jostling each other as they moved through the crowd, the grass must have been littered with sequins by the time the festivities subsided. ( The big winner of the Hunky Jesus contest was Rock 'n' Roll (or Funky) Jesus Sean Lavalle, who, according to spy Adda Dada, plays with the band the Blinds. He'd built an electric guitar on a cross and used it to play "Stairway to Heaven." Occupy Jesus was a crowd favorite, too, but Strange de Jim liked Baby Jesus, who toted pacifier, rattle, teddy bear and a sign that said "Who's My Daddy?"
Alessandra Scafura CANON EOS 5

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CANON EOS 5 FILME: FUJI PRO VALUE 200 F5.6 - V80 Rebatedor e Flash 540EZ 1/4 carga Produção: Ana Lídia Borges - Marie Nepomuceno -
When Eugent sings... Eugent Bushpepa, the

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Eugent Bushpepa, the voice I love. When I hear him sing I get inspired, took these 1000 pics in my most of which I just feel lifting up in the air..
Minha gata toda boba com a 1º tattoo! testes com o

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testes com o sb600
Alessandra Scafura Produção: Ana Lídia

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Produção: Ana Lídia Borges - Marie Nepomuceno - Ensaio para o Jornal do Brasil CANON EOS 5 FILME: FUJI PRO VALUE 200 F4 - V125 Rebatedor de isopor
Minha gata toda boba com a 1º tattoo! testes com o

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testes com o sb600
Nazareth Pasarela en Expotatuajes,

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Pasarela en Expotatuajes, Cintermex, Monterrey México, 2010
M tattoo Canon AT-1 -

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Canon AT-1 - Kodak t-max 400 more shots on my blog, click here.
(m)tat sal's take 2.

script m tattoo

sal's take 2.