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Girl with the guinea pig tattoo I Some more of

music note tatoo designs

Some more of my lovely cousin when she modelled for me last Christmas! Been so busy interning I have only just found time to finish them! Love her tattoos!! Model: Kirsty R Everything else: Me © Liz Rose van Bokhoven 'Like' my page on Facebook? :)
Treble Clef Love I've been wanting

heart and music note tattoo

I've been wanting to get a good picture of my tattoo with my new camera. I still love it so much. <3
:) Mmhmmm. Perfecto. It's

free music note tattoos

Mmhmmm. Perfecto. It's the treble clef with a peace sign in the middle. yuuuhhhhh.
The Music in This Look behind her

music notes behind ear tattoo

Look behind her ear.
Double Quarter Note Tattoo Double quarter note

tattoo picture music note

Double quarter note tattoo
518/731 - WooHoo! This dress has

music note star tattoo

This dress has a lovely story. A couple weeks ago, before I went to Vegas, I saw this dress at JCPenneys. It was on sale for $42, originally $70. I didn't have the money, and I attempted to beg Justin to buy it for me, I just had to have it. He didn't really have the money for it either, so I left without it. I was majorly bummed. Last night we ended up in JCPenneys again, because Justin's mom called and said they were having a huge sale, and so the boys wanted to look at jeans. While they were busying themselves with those, I wandered over to the dresses. I didn't expect it to be there. I only remember seeing the one I tried on when I tried it on weeks ago. But I found it. I took it in the dressing room and tried it on again. It was a tiny bit big on me, but nothing I couldn't have fixed. I wanted it. I only had like $40 in the bank, so I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to get i
Ear afterpicture this is what

music notes behind the ear tattoo

this is what ear tattoos look like after being left alone for a year. the touchup and additions are coming soon.
What else should I add to this tattoo? Don't be shy! I'd like to

love music note tatoo

I'd like to thank my friend Peter Doucette for taking all these pictures of me!
62/365 another fav. #9.

music tattoos behind the ear

another fav. #9. treble clef. behind the right ear. this one came about when i brought my friend pam to get a tattoo. (doesnt this always seem to be the case?) at least this one was planned out... music is a HUGE part of my life. saying that almost seems cliche.. and doesnt mean as much as it should because everyone claims "oh my god music is my life...i listen to everything... " yadda yadda yadda. whatever. im a music snob. done by Corey Scoolidge. holla.
Body and Soul Milcho Leviev Jazz

music note tattoo

Milcho Leviev Jazz Master Class
Ear Note My cute new

music tattoo behind ear

My cute new tattoo.
RaDiOhEaD :: Così, a pelle, ci sanno fare, questi. MILANO - Arena

music note tattoo on back

MILANO - Arena Civica, concerto RADIOHEAD del 18/6/2008.
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