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Dreadnaught Freshly Plucked 2009

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Freshly Plucked 2009
Darkest Hour - Mike Darkest Hour /

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Darkest Hour / Cambridge Barfly 23.01.08 This is by far my favourite shot of the night. Mike was my favourite member of the band to photograph. He moves a lot and isn't afraid to get stuck in. After the show he thanked me for doing photos. It's the little things like that which make me love what i do.
CRIMBO LIMBO @ OAKFORD - SUNDAY 28TH DEC 2008-4638 Luke Duffy, Paul

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Luke Duffy, Paul Hodgson, Jonny Alford and Gerry Del-Guercio all perform Solo at The Oakford's Crimbo Limbo night on Sunday 28th December.
sam sleeve To whoever copied

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To whoever copied this sleeve, please feel free to use my art as inspiration but please DON'T just rip it off. A lot of hours went into designing it and the guy who I did it on wanted an original ONE-OFF. Thanks.
new ink

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Non-Conformist "If you want

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"If you want to be one of the nonconformists all you have to do is dress just like us and listen to the same music we do" South Park The youth of China. Desperately trying to find some individualtiy in a society that willingly adheres to the collective. Absolute contradiction. March 5, 2010 - Liuzhou, Guangxi, China. Thanks to Nancy for the tutorial! My China blog ...
PRICK Magazine - July 09 My 9th magazine

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My 9th magazine cover.Woohoo. Me = excited. :) It's coming out on July 1st.Make sure to pick one up and check out the site.
Suicide Silence The term messy

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The term messy would not suit a band like California's Suicide Silence better. In at the deep end records from across the pond this time on tour with the equally passionate Abigail Williams and the beautifully british blend of Misery, Sylosis, Many Things Untold and Eternal Lord. For such an intense band, almost math in places but keeping to true grind, the acts break down into onslaughts of brutal hammered guitars and amazing double kicks and blastbeats. Suddenly, it all cuts out and, the crowd, screams out like a choir along to the Family Guy quotes which introduce the next onslaught. Despite this dark and brutal showing of raspy throats and heavy, well, everything, the lead man of the show stands on the barriers, cheering thr crowd on continually making them feel reassured "trust me, we're gonna have a good time. This is going to be fun". And he doesn't disapoint. 9/10 show for
Bring Me The Horizon Went back through

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Went back through some of the shots from when I shot BMTH at Manchester Academy, I liked these too shots spesh in black and white gives a nice feel to it I reckon so. View On Black
Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison #12 in Explore

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#12 in Explore on January 29, 2008 pg. 44 in the new Sleeveface book!
I Am The Avalanche @ Bloomfield Ave Cafe 01-12-2006 Bloomfield Ave Cafe,

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Bloomfield Ave Cafe, Montclair, NJ I Am The Avalanche