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Sanskrit Calligraphy "Jijnasu" in a

sanskrit calligraphy tattoo

"Jijnasu" in a variant form of Devanagri calligraphy in which the typical horizontal crossbar is replaced with "crowns" on each letter. Custom calligraphy designs can be ordered by going to my Palmstone website
Brahmavihara My tattoo. The

buddhist sanskrit tattoo

My tattoo. The Brahmavihara, four divine/sublime virtues of Buddhism, in Sanskrit (written in Devanagari script). मैत्री = metta/maitri = loving kindness towards all करुणा = karuna = compassion मुदित = mudita = altruistic joy उपेक्षा = upekkha/upeksha = equanimity I uploaded this previously but it got deleted somehow.
IMG_4626 Tattoo progression

tattoo of namaste

Tattoo progression
Sanskrit Calligraphy Design "Smrti" written in

calligraphy in sanskrit

"Smrti" written in an artistic variant of sanskrit "devanagri" calligraphy. Custom calligraphy designs can be ordered by going to my Palmstone website
Shiva Yogi Man with eight

yoga tattoo sanskrit

Man with eight limbs as manifestation of Shiva. The eight limbs of yoga are: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi.
New Hair I got a

ohm sanskrit tattoo

I got a hair cut today. Wow, she took a lot off, it feels like 5 lbs lighter. It's gonna be nice for the hot weather we have coming up!
Day 260 - Good Morning Doing some push

tattoo and namaste

Doing some push ups and a little stretching before hopping in the shower.
The light within me honors the light within you. Namaste. The placing of

namaste yoga tattoo

The placing of the hands together (prayer) in greeting is known as Namaste. Here my hands are behind my back as done in Yoga, reverse prayer. Namaste, Namaskara or Namaskaram (Sanskrit: नमस्ते [nʌmʌsˈteː] from external sandhi between namaḥ and te) is a common spoken greeting or salutation in the South Asia. "The light within me honors the light within you." (in yoga) Pose: reverse prayer ( Viparita Namaska ) Aum Tattoo - Aum (also Om, written in Devanagari as ॐ) is the signifier of the ultimate truth that all is one Texture: Skeletal Mess - - thank you!! Explore # highest position 186 PIC OF THE WEEK: - ghostworks 31/8/2009 Please don't use this image on websites,
balance sanskrit tattoo "balance" in Sanskrit

sanskrit balance tattoo

"balance" in Sanskrit on right arm above my year-old "passion" Sanskrit tattoo
IMG_4621 Tattoo progression

tattoo namaste

Tattoo progression
The Feminine Holga 120 Fisheye

gallery of sanskrit tattoos

Holga 120 Fisheye Lens: According to the owner, this reads something to the effect of, "Mother, Sister, Daughter, Woman," in sanskrit. If anyone knows more, please let me know.
Taboo The tattoo is

sanskrit fire

The tattoo is the models maiden name (female one) in sanskrit Credit for pose also goes to the model..
Blue Tattoo Surprisingly enough, when

sanskrit for tatoo

Surprisingly enough, when I asked the waitress at Delicious where she got her interesting (and very new) tattoo, turns out my friend Kit from Deluxe tattoo is responsible! Small world...