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My Dirty Angel. Helen. Dirty. Angel.

tattoo of nasty angel

Helen. Dirty. Angel.
... to never... Full quote is,

dag nasty tattoo

Full quote is, "I wish I could learn to never go back." from the Dag Nasty 'Can I Say' LP.
KACAO77 2008 kacao77 "$eventyseven" character

nasty tattoo art

kacao77 "$eventyseven" character berlin 2008
wasteland "can't you see

tattoo nasty

"can't you see what you've done to my heart and soul? this is a wasteland now" it's done and it's gonna stay Fallout, Mad Max - all this kind of stuff - gotten out from under my skin to the surface
KACAO77 2007 kacao77 wall "always

nasty tattoo design

kacao77 wall "always served cold" berlin 2007
The Tattooed Man Second shot of

nasty tattoo photos

Second shot of Ali as the 'Tattooed Man' on set of Adam Vazquez's "The Intruder"
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