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The Valkyrie The beginning of

tattoo valkyrie

The beginning of a backpiece. Art and Tattoo by Cynthia Rudzis Cirque Du Rouge, Washington DC portfolio:
valkyrie tattoo by mace Altered Reality Tattoo this valkyrie full

norse tattoos gallery

this valkyrie full back tattoo was multiple settings over almost 2 years. very fun tattoo.
Andvari As always comments

norse back tattoo

As always comments and critic very welcome, I am always learning. The hand was stock image from Stock.xchng, the swirly tattoos were from another website but for the life of me I can't remember where! So if anybody recognizes them please let me know and I will credit as a appropriate. Total time: a lot of cups of tea and cigarettes!
Røvhorn på islandsk - samt kløft Unbelievable what happens

norse tattoo

Unbelievable what happens in front of you at concerts... Norse inspired 'art', or some octopus... it sure looks creepy. At NASA.
H with Urnes Dragon Commissioned design in

norse tattoo knotwork

Commissioned design in Urnes style for a tattoo
My ink It's a shaman

tattoo norse

It's a shaman death mask from the viking ages. This particular one was cut on a huge stone in honor of a dead king, and was found in the city I was born. It's on my arm to remind me where I come from, when I'm traveling around the world.
Lex's Tattoo. Alex was laying

cool norse tattoo

Alex was laying in my bed and I wanted to take a picture of his tattoo. So here it is. :D
tattoo idea pondering this design.

tattoos norse

pondering this design. Can't decide if I want color or black and white, or if I want to put rune where the 'scales' are.