Oak tree tattoo - Tattoowise

detail 2 close up 2

tattoos oak tree

close up 2
L_back1 overall so far...

an oak tree tattoo

overall so far...
tattoo session 6 full from farther away

oak tree

from farther away
L_back2 5 more hours

oak tree back tattoo

5 more hours of pain - session 4 and 5 done now (one was 1 1/2, latest was 3 1/2)
session 3 spine filled more

oak tree tatoo

spine filled more
session 1 july 25th -

tattoo of oak tree

july 25th - 4 1/2 hr sitting - healed up
tattoo session 6 full3 gettin there

oak tree tattos

gettin there
mine now if only

tattoo oak tree

now if only there were leaves like that on the trees outside....
you'll always be my thunder rainy day 


rain tree tattoo

rainy day view on black
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