Odins raven tattoo - Tattoowise

Lower torso apoxy mod Showing the top

raven feather tattoos

Showing the top view of the mod in progress.
Smile... Cory my Sweetie

raven celtic tattoo

Cory my Sweetie before the pain
The artist at work. Julie @ Arsenic

celtic raven tattoo

Julie @ Arsenic Fashions Boutique & and Tattoo Parlor www.arsenicfashions.com/
Jaded Self portrait. Another

dwam raven

Self portrait. Another one on my daydwam
Yes it hurts... and I'm pissy Taken by estheru22

celtic tattoo raven

Taken by estheru22
Tribal Raven Tattoo! ...yeah he's getting

tribal raven tattoo

...yeah he's getting ink done...
Tattoo design For a coworker

raven drawing

For a coworker
Alecia by roger davies

raven tattoo design

by roger davies
Raven "All the Woulda

tattoo raven

"All the Woulda Coulda Shouldas layin' in the sun talking about the things they woulda coulda shoulda done Then all the woulda coulda shouldas they all ran away and hid from one little did." -Shel SIlverstein In nordic tradition, the god Oslin had two ravens named Thought and Memory. Every day he would send out his ravens to learn everything that was going on in the world, and they would come back and report it to him. This is how they got the reputation as being messengers. As a journalist, it rings true to me. Over time, the raven got a reputation as being the messenger of death. So I tied it in to the poem Woulda Coulda Shoulda to mean that I can't live life remembering those who died and the things I woulda coulda shoulda done with them. It's also to symbolise that I should just DO things instead of sitting around, because you never know when the messenger of death will be call
Common Raven Larger - Happy

raven and fire tattoo

Larger - Happy Feathery Friday! - Pics never shown on flickr. This was the first photo that I ever had published - in California Coast and Ocean Magazine. It was so noisy (taken in incredible fog) I shrunk it down and turned it into a black and white. Yesterday I think this photo received the ultimate honor - someone from Britain wrote and asked for the original, which he plans to use as a tattoo for himself. (I'll post the pic when I get it!). :-) I'm a big fan of ravens - my "totem" animal is a raven. Here's a a northwest coast Haida story I sent to scarecrow/naturefoto/Rien who also loves Ravens. Check it out! :-) Have a great weekend!
Raven Brings Fire to Man-Sterling silver, hand engraved, oxidized 2010 1' W x

tlingit raven tattoo

1' W x 6'L $3000 CAD Available by clicking link: lattimergallery.com/details.php?id=3500 Custom orders welcomed, please e-mail: contact@coreymoraes.com www.coreymoraes.com
54/365: The birds. This concept turned

raven birds

This concept turned out nothing like I'd wanted it too. But I'm far far too tired to keep going. :/ Maybe I'll do a "take 2" someday... For now... happy Day 54. :)
Phonograph Jae Connor www.electriclotus.com

crow or raven tattoos

Jae Connor www.electriclotus.com
fresh ink ravens 2 Very fresh ink!

raven wings tattoo

Very fresh ink! Designed and inked by Jeff Jacobs at Addictions in Salem, Oregon. I love it!! I have had the celtic tat for a while and just added the ravens today. He did an amazing job and it wasn't too bad painwise except for the top of the shoulder.
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