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Cherry on Fire CHERRY Cherries have

Cherry on Fire

CHERRY Cherries have been used to symbolize feminine beauty as well as love and even divination. In ancient China they were a symbol of immortality or longevity. In Japan, the cherry was the samurai’s symbol. For these warriors, the crushing of the fruit’s flesh (to reach the hard pit within) was a symbol os sacrificing human flesh to get to the core of the person. In tattoo artwork, it is not uncommon to see the cherries paired, as they might come in nature. They can appear by themselves or sometimes in the mouth of a classic swallow. In these Western contexts, they take on a sexual overtone about virginity (and its loss) that is variously interpreted as “Gone forever” or “Here’s mine, Where’s yours?”. FLAMES Considered one of the fundamental elements of nature in many cultures, fire has conflicting symbolic associations, as one might expect for something that can wa

Photo by: Cherry On Fire

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