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kes freshly plucked dec

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freshly plucked dec 06
097/365 my back is

snake ouroboros

my back is killing me.
Slow Motion Walter Family Hotel Bathurst

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Family Hotel Bathurst 19 Jan 08 View On Black flickr.com/photos/d_neese/sets/72157603814573702/
#206 Aporia 28-06-2010 We spent

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28-06-2010 We spent a wonderful evening, shooting at the lake and in the golden fields, with P_Mod and Apory . I love how I look like a boy dressed as a princess. (picture by P_Mod , originally uploaded on his flickr )
20080815 - Our First Henna The B.F.F. and

armband henna designs

The B.F.F. and I got henna tattoos today, done by the excellent henna artist Heather C-N: www.hennabyheather.com/
celtic knotwork This is on

celtic armband tattoo design

This is on my left arm. Yes, it connects. I drew this out myself, and went with this particular pattern because the resemblance to the infinity symbol seemed to enforce the eternity concept.
The Filthy Rich Village Fair 25

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Village Fair 25 october 08
Tribal Designs © Sherrie Thai

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© Sherrie Thai of Shaire Productions. Created with pen/ink.
#33 theworldiswaiting 06-01-2010 One of

tattoo of the ouroboros

06-01-2010 One of my plan for this year was to travel a bit less, cause I'm damn broke and my health is too weak. Ok. I just bought already 6 bus and trains tickets only for this months, and have 3 big international trips half-planned before the end of the summer. Fail.
Tribal armband trying to look

armband tattoo tribal thick

trying to look tough