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Viking Demon Arm Sleeve Tattoo Photo by Sherrie

outdoor tattoo design

Photo by Sherrie Thai of Shaireproductions.com
A rough exterior hides a heart of gold. © 2010 by

outdoor tattoos tattoos

© 2010 by Beat Eisele | www.beat-eisele.com Thank you Nicci. * Large Version.
Front Page News A fountain at

outdoor life tattoo

A fountain at Front Page News in Atlanta
Rising Tiger on her back! I noticed a

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I noticed a young lady's tattoo on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu a couple of years ago. I used iPhoto's Blurr and Antique effects to enhance the mood. Since four out of my top five photos with the largest number of views on Flickr feature ladies/girls: "Here's another one for you!" But, what's that in her right hand?...
Alex So gestern war

outdoor de tattoo

So gestern war ich bei knapp 10° mit meiner Cousine unterwegs. Nach einer Stunde frieren waren wir dann auch durch. Das erste Bild aus der Reihe. :) Strobist Info: 1 Nikon SB24 @ 1/2 Power in a middle sized Softbox next to me on my right side.
Elo tattoo by www.asphalt-jungle.com

outdoor tattoo

tattoo by www.asphalt-jungle.com
I Came From Nothing Clothing Shoot These are just

outdoor tattoo designs

These are just a few of many photos i did for the clothing line "I Came From Nothing" Im so pleased with the results. Keep an eye out for more coming soon :) Nikon D300 + Nikon 16-85mm lens Safari 600 Pro Ring Flash