Outline of a chrysanthemum flower - Tattoowise

Koi sleeve Scott getting more

koi tattoo chrysanthemum flower

Scott getting more work done by Keet of Liberty Tattoo on his new koi and chrysanthemum sleeve
Flowers and Hummingbird Outline 3 Outlining for flowers

no outline flower tattoos

Outlining for flowers and leaves armpiece. Custom art, to be completed in a neo-traditional style.
Stencil Stencil Of My

outline of a hibiscus flower

Stencil Of My Tattoo
Half sleeve tattoo Three sides of

flower tattoo without outline

Three sides of the Dragon, Koi, Cherry Blossom tat.
Chrysanthemum www.shannonarchuleta.com

chrysanthemum flower tattoo

Peek Chrysanthemum tattoo, healed.

tattoo flower chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum tattoo, healed.
Sea Turtle Jae Connor www.electriclotus.com

chrysanthemum flower tattoos

Jae Connor www.electriclotus.com
Outline/Black Klaus's first tattoo.

flower tattoo without black outline

Klaus's first tattoo. by Gene Coffey @ Tattoo Culture Looks amazing with full color--posting the finished shot later.
Dragon close up Dragon and Cherry

flower outline tattoo

Dragon and Cherry Blossoms detail. Healed for 11 days.
Coi in water Jae Connor www.electriclotus.com

tattoos of a chrysanthemum flower

Jae Connor www.electriclotus.com
Crissy's Chrysthanthemum Due to time

flower tattoo outline

Due to time restraints we'll have to finish this one another day. For now this is where we stand. It's coming out lovely.
Chrysanthemum freehand in pencil

chrysanthemum outline

freehand in pencil inked with PITT brush pen, Micron .5, .2
Oni Mask Jae Connor www.electriclotus.com

tattoos of chrysanthemum flower

Jae Connor www.electriclotus.com
Traditional Anchor Jae Connor www.electriclotus.com

tattoo chrysanthemum lotus flower

Jae Connor www.electriclotus.com
new tattoo outline Done by Iggy

outline of a flower tattoo

Done by Iggy Vans at Idle Hand in San Francisco. Great artist, great shop. I'm really happy with how this came out and can't wait to get the color. (Less happy with how hard it is to take a decent picture of my own arm and not look kind of dumb. And maybe next time I will dry my hair first. Heh.)
Carolyn finally has her finished lilly back tattoo Artist: Dean
Studio: Steel

flower no outline tattoo

Artist: Dean Studio: Steel Lotus Body Arts. Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia IMG_9325