Outline of welsh dragon - Tattoowise

Dragon Tattoo Outline Photo by Shauna

outline tattoo dragon

Photo by Shauna Feel free to color it yourself.
The hardest part of the tat... I was calm

outline of dragon

I was calm and relaxed the whole time... well almost.
dragon koi outline tattoo done by

dragon koi outline

tattoo done by thomas jacobson of baddog production's orlando florida
dragons, and lions, and crowns, ohh my!! the lion is

dragon welsh tattoo

the lion is my contrabution to this back piece. designed and tattooed by myself.
outline i almost left

outline dragon

i almost left it like this
Outline A custom ~

outline of a tattoo dragon

A custom ~ drawn dragon for Christmas. Oh, boy!
Morgan the Dragon - 1 March Seeing thats its

tattoos of welsh dragon

Seeing thats its St Davids day today I thought I'd make sure that my HPAD celebrated it. So this is Morgan the Welsh Dragon, he is tattooed on the top of my left leg. Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!
gwenan Dave's tattoo tribute

welsh dragon tat

Dave's tattoo tribute to his first child
my very own dragon i think i'll

tattoo dragon outline

i think i'll keep him... Tattoos by Shoko Sonoda
Irezumi Outline Needlework has been

free dragon tattoo outline

Needlework has been done on the blueprint. It has neatly covered my earlier "Slash's Snakepit" tattoo. That alone makes me feel so very relieved. The skin doesn't look sore yet, but I can hardly stretch my arm. It hurts that bad.
Nothing but smiles! I am actually

koi dragon outline

I am actually happy. Ray is awesome.
Summertime Cig Big T smoking

denver dragon tattoos

Big T smoking on the back porch.
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