Palm tree tattoos on the ankle - Tattoowise

Tats for Cindy Brenda, Michelle D,

palm tree tatoos

Brenda, Michelle D, and I each have this tat on our left shoulder. Custom art designed by Dorothi at Ancient Art Tattoo.
Megan wanted to a

palm tree tattoos on the back

wanted to a Virgin Suicides-esque photo shoot.. really the only thing similar is she is laying in the grass
PalmTreeTat more to come.

tattoo of palm tree

more to come.
Palm Tree Colored Filled in and

palm tree and water tattoos

Filled in and shaded. Uploaded with the Flock Browser
you'll always be my thunder rainy day 


rain tree tattoo

rainy day view on black
homecoming2 A short comic

tree tattoo scene

A short comic that I made for the soon-to-be-released anthology Concrete Swamp.