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love and peace sign tattoo This tattoo was done when I was 17. It was a home done work and was just an outline. Cyn made it look a hundred times better! I plan to go back to her again as soon as I can settle on what I want!
like you did Today was very

peace sign tattoo on foot

Today was very busy; three classes, a meeting, babysitting Sutton, doing homework. I'm glad to finally be in my bed and be able to relax, although I am still going out tonight, it's nice to have a break.. [27/365] 4/17/08
F16 Display Aircraft with SmokeWinder - Fairford 2009 Brightly coloured F16

peace wings tattoo

Brightly coloured F16 Fighting Falcon of the F16 Display Team from the Netherlands, at RIAT 2009 (Fairford Air Show)
Peace tree I <3 that

tattoo roots for peace sign

I <3 that I drew it :)
It's a lovely day Nice day today,

peace sign foot tattoo

Nice day today, although almost too hot. I'm getting all my OSU stuff ready today. I'll letcha know how that goes..
I like it :) I <3 that

roots peace sign tattoo

I <3 that I drew my tattoo :)
fact #5 (EXPLORE! <3) this is my

heart tattoo with peace sign

this is my first picture to get explored! OMG, i'm so happy! <3333 except i want the peace sign to be black, and i want lyrics around it, but you get the point, right? (: p.s. thank you rachel for drawing this on my feet. so i started a group on here, just because i wanted too, so here it is, you can put whatever you want in it, anything you want, everything! so join the group! let me know if you wanna be an admin, and add pictures! thanks. <3 hey flickrdorians, hahhaha. okay anyways, i'm a street team leader for this jewelry company called trescute if you live in VA/MD area you might have seen them at some of the local shows, but anyways, they got new stuff up for sale, and i'd love it if you get some! i love my 2 necklaces i got, their my favorite.
much to my mothers dismay Much to my

peace sign tattoo on hip

Much to my mother's dismay, of course. The one on the far right is the first tattoo I got while I was in Tokyo. It was cool.. You can't really tell, but it's the red rising sun from the Japanese flag. [31/365] 4/21/08
209/365 Hey moon, please

tattoo wrist peace sign

Hey moon, please forget to fall down. Hey moon, don't you go down. sorry its so blurry. gah. I want to get this tattoo'd on my wrist, but better of course.
2735 my new tattoo.

white peace sign tattoos

my new tattoo. and shorter hair.
And your shoes get so hot you wish your tired feet were fire proof Title: Drifters, Under

peace sign tattoos for feet

Title: Drifters, Under the Boardwalk
tattoo this is my

heart with a peace sign tattoo

this is my tattoo on my foot. it is completely healed now. the small stars didn't turn out exactly how i wanted but i still love it did it hurt?

tattoo of peace sign tree

did it hurt? Yes! was it worth it? Yes!