Pez de coi - Tattoowise

The Vader Project Pop surrealist, graffiti,

tatoo gallery pez

Pop surrealist, graffiti, tattoo, lowbrow, comic and underground artists show their allegiance to the dark side by customizing Darth Vader helmets in landmark gallery exhibition called The Vader Project, of which debuted at Star Wars Celebration IV on May 24 to 28 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. And, of course, there were 66 of them. Click here for more CIV photos.
Tattoo Peluqueria Francesa, Stgo

pez tatuaje

Peluqueria Francesa, Stgo 2009 foto por: Cristián Campos
freehand koi fish  tattoo cover-up lia

tattoos pez

tattoo cover-up lia
Old seaman!

dibujo pez
koi fish  tattoo cover-up lia

tattoo de pez

tattoo cover-up lia
Fisherman Girl showing me

coi fish tattoo art

Girl showing me her tattoos at the Body Art Expo - Cow Palace, SF, California. She was kind enough to take a small break and pose for me before finishing up.
Koi Back  Mi Pez Koi

tatuaje pez koi brazo

Mi Pez Koi entre sombras mirado de atras, con su peonia hermosa (L) . Fotografia y Luz: Mori.
Phonograph Jae Connor

dragon coi

Jae Connor
caracius cover-up tribal..

pez koi art

cover-up tribal..
Self. Today has been

pez tatoos

Today has been a pretty productive today. Got up, done the usual house stuff, wash the dishes, clean and dry clothes. Had a look for some part-time jobs and worked on some more ideas for the website. My friend Macky is currently working on my website and it should hopefully be ready to put online in the next couple of weeks. Been playing about with different ideas for business cards also, and looking at the possibility of upgrading my camera. Everything is exciting at the minute, and hopefully there is more to come. Macky :
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